Manglam Construction

MANGLAM CONSTRUCTIONS provide you with the most appropriate and suitable properties in ROHINI as per your requirements. Providing you with a professional property consultant to help you find the perfect property.Manglam Constructions believes in helping clients by providing them satisfaction and also arranging loans services upto 90 % as per the chosen property. As we have committed to provide a good return to our clients on their property. The firm has gained a lot of reputation by providing excellent service to the buyers. We have always supported our clients, enhanced our skills, managed our time, improved our quality and completed all the projects in time.

Our main motive is "Aapke Sapno Ka Ghar" "Nivesh aapka Sath Hamara" "Ghar ho apna sach hoga sapna"








We know the importance of a house, earlier finding a property used to be a challenge and still is a challenge for most of us. And if you put your mind in the right direction you'll know, you are just a step away from owning one. It is not just a seller and buyer relationship, it is all about our basic roots and the trust that our clients have shown by choosing us. We are continuously working to improve our service and accessibility by expanding our firm beyond Delhi, so that we can help more buyers.

A home is where memories are made, a home is where we find peace and happiness. A home is what we dream about. A shelter full of love and care. At MANGLAM CONSTRUCTIONS we not only help you search one but we give you the full authority to modify and choose a property as per your requirement. The trust and loyalty that we own in the industry itself tells about our hard work and ethical business practices.

Every year MANGLAM CONSTRUCTION has successfully delivered 500-700 units to the clients. Our honesty is one of our hallmarks that makes us trustworthy.

Why Choose Us?

MANGLAM CONSTRUCTION is providing you with various schemes that will make you feel at ease, launching new schemes regularly based on common problems. A firm putting it's best so that clients can remain carefree. Isn't it appreciable?

Few factors that we always assure to our clients:
  • Area of a property
  • Space and structure
  • Amenities available
  • Atmosphere

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Real Estate Consultant

The most suitable properties with the help of a professional real estate consultant, we offer you a variety of services with all the latest updates.

Home designs

Providing you with the perfect architecture and design. Focusing on the interior designs including all the small details, As we never fail to impress our clients.

One stop solution

We are continuously working to provide our clients the best out of all the options.We have our own and independent sources to provide our clients the service of excellence.

Schemes for our clients

We have introduced our clients with so many schemes, and are still working to improve our work model on a regular basis by making the process more comfortable and easy.

Near by metro

We always think from our clients perspective that’s why to make your day to day commute easy, we are providing the best properties near metro stations which is very convenient.

Budget Friendly

Located in Rohini, Delhi. A firm with 20 years of experience providing our clients with excellent service, without any extra cost or excessive amount. Buy a beautiful property at a reasonable price without any complaints.

Legal Advice and support

We provide our clients with all the advice and support from our legal advisor which makes us a trustworthy firm

Loan facilities

Loan facilities are provided to our clients based upon the criteria and the minimum budget requirement to invest in a property with proper guidance.